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Nothing matches the excitement of the big time tables

How to Play

Keen to have a go, but not sure what to do? We can help you learn to play .

Range of bets

The minimum and maximum bets for the various games vary from table to table. So whatever you do, before you join a game, check the sign displaying the denomination of chips at the table.

Gaming chips

All table games are played with ‘gaming chips’ – the casino’s own unique currency – which you buy direct from the dealers at the gaming tables by placing your money on the table and asking your dealer for the value of chips you would like.

The value of each chip is clearly marked so you’ll be able to check straight away that you’ve received the amount you wanted.

Roulette is different: each table has individual sets of distinctive chips – named ‘wheel chips’ – that enable the Croupier to distinguish each player’s bets. The value of these chips is set when you buy in at the table. When leaving the table simply exchange your wheel chips for cash value gaming chips and you’ll be able to move on to whatever other game you like.




Like all casinos in Australia, entry to Jupiters Townsville Casino is restricted to people aged 18 years and over.



Hotel Reservations

Jupiters Townsville practises the responsible service of alcohol . BET WITH YOUR HEAD, NOT OVER IT. Please read our responsible gambling guidelines .  Copyright Echo Entertainment Group Limited